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Fahrenheit 451 SAT Vocabulary

You should know the following 20 words for your F451 test.

aestheticrelating or pertaining to a sense of beauty or art
tactileperceptible by touch; capable of being felt
censoriousvery critical; fault-finding
desolatedeserted, without inhabitants, barren
dictuman authoritative statement, decree, a declaration
flourishto thrive, to grow well, prosper
incessantuniterrupted, constant, continuous
insidioustreacherous or dangerous in a secret sort of way
oblivionstate of being forgotten
obscuredifficult to see, vague
odiousdeserving hate or contempt
pedantryact of showing off learning in a manner that is needles and unimaginative
perfunctoryacting routinely with little interest or care
perpetuateto prolong the existence of something
proclivityinclination, tendancy
profuseextravagantly abuntant, flowing freely
pulverizeto reduce into small pieces, to demolish
ravenousurgently eager for food; craving satisfaction or gratification
stolidshowing little emotion
cacophonousharsh sounding, having dissonance or discord

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