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Cold War

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Cold Warhostility/trouble between US and USSR in the decades following WWII (communist/non-communist nations)
Marshall PlanUS sends $$$ to help re-build Western Europe
NATOorganization set up to stop the spread of communism
Warsaw Pactagreement between USSR and Eastern European nations to protect eachother in the case of an attack
space racecompetition between USSR and US regarding advancement of space program
Korean WarNorth Korea (communist) vs. South Korea (non communist); ended in armistice and original borders
democracycitizens have legislative, judicial and executive powers based on majority rule
capitalismeconomic system based on private ownership..promotes free market regulated by supply and demand
Cuban Missle CrisisCastro allowed USSR to use nuclear missle bases in Cuba; US said to remove missles; they were removed
detentepolicy aimed at relaxing tension between USSR and US
perestroikaopening up of Russia for more free enterprise
GlasnostUSSR is more open/honest with western nations with less restaints on Russian people
Berlin Airliftthe dropping of supplies(by air) into Berlin while the Soviets tried to block-off the city
Berlin Wallbuilt in 1961 to divide soviet controlled E. Berlin from democratic W. Berlin
Iron Curtainhow Churchill described USSR's isolation of Eastern Europe from the rest of the world
Mikhail GorbachevUSSR leader from 1985-91; contributed to the downfall of communism
sputniksoviet satellite put into orbit in 1957 (1st man-made satellite)
communismtotalitarian system of government
command economyan economic system controlled by strong, centralized gov't.
Satellite nationnations conquered by Soviet nations to separate communist nations from Western Europe

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