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Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Pyramids

(original title: #Ecosystems (A level)

Ecosysteminteraction of biotic and abiotic components in an area
AutotrophSelf-feeder / Green plant
HeterotrophFeeds from other trophic levels
Biomassamount of plant and animal matter in an area
HumusDecomposed organic matter
CommunityA number of species living together
PopulationMembers of a particular species in one area
NicheA way of life which enables a species to occupy a particular place in a community
HabitatThe place a community occupies
decomposerbreaks down organic material
primary consumereats autotrophs
herbivoreeats producers
carnivoreeats meat
omnivoreeats both meat and producers
secondary consumerconsumes other consumers
predatorshunts prey
tertiary consumer (3rd level)eats consumers that eat consumers

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