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Lightning Thief Vocab 6-10

Reiview Game for Chapters 6-10

exportship out, send out
restrictednot allowed to do certain things
wincedpulled back in pain
pursuefollow, chase after
lethalenough to kill
intriguedcurious, interested
criticallyto judge others harshly
suspiciousdoubting something
sullensilent resentment, sulking
whinycomplaining, cranky
impulsiveto do without thinking first
saunteringwalking lazily
skepticallynot really believing
intentionallyon purpose
questto search or seek
tensedtightened up
resemblancelooks like something else
marredto damage or scar
intactnot broken, in one piece
apparentlyit appears to be, clearly
destinedit is meant to be
invadeto enter forcibly into another's territory
repetitionsrepeated over and over
coweredto shy away in fear
lingeringhanging around
grimacedmade a face
paranoidbelieving others are out to get you
deniesto say it's not true
offenseto get feelings hurt
accusationsbeing blamed
prevailto win, be the winner
chaostotal confusion
consultedget advice from an expert source
dwellto go over and over
grudgeto still be angry at someone about something, resentment
betrayedgave help or information to the enemy
hyperventilatingto breathe more heavily and faster than normal
vulnerablecan be easily hurt
generatemake, create
interpretto give or provide a meaning of
propagandathe deliberate spreading of information, rumors to help a group or cause
melancholysad, depressed
endureto put up with
irritatedbothered, upset
repusivelyso horrible it drives others away
withereddried or shriveled up
gnarledtwisted out of shape
quiveringshaking all over
shriveledgot smaller and wrinkled up
impulsiveto do something without thinking first
plungeddived into

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