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Wordly Wise Lesson 1

Friends for Life

accustomto make familiar; usual
alertwatchful; wide-awake; to warn to be ready; warning signal
assignto select for a position for what has to be done; to give out as a piece of work to be done
budgeto move or shift
burlybig and strongly built
companionone who spends time with or does things with another
compatiblegetting along well together
concepta general idea or thought about something
distractto draw one's thoughts or attention away from the subject at hand
jostleto push or shove
obedientdoing what one is asked or told; state or condition of doing what one's told
obstaclesomething that prevents one from moving forward
patientwilling to wait without complaining; a person in a doctor's care
pedestriana person who is walking; someone traveling on foot
retireto stop working because one has reached a certain age; to go to bed

Special Education Teacher

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