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Goal 7: The Progressive Movement

This unit examines the economic, political, and social reforms of the Progressive era.

Which event drew attention to the issue of unsafe working conditions in the early 1900s?Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
What were the journalists who supported progressive causes called?muckrakers
Whose investigate report exposed the monopolistic business practices of Standard Oil?Ida Tarbell
Who wrote about the urban slums in "How the Other Half Lives"?Jacob Riis
Who wrote about the corruption of the political machines in "The Shame of the Cities"?Lincoln Steffens
Who wrote about the unsanitary conditions in Chicago's meatpacking plants in "The Jungle"?Upton Sinclair
Which progressive movement emphasized providing charity to the poor?Social Gospel
The establishment of Hull House is an example of the Social Gospel movement promoted by which individual?Jane Addams
Which amendment established the federal income tax?Sixteenth Amendment
Which amendment resulted in the direct election of U.S. Senators?Seventeenth Amendment
Which Amendment resulted in prohibition?Eighteenth Amendment
Which amendment resulted in women's suffrageNineteenth Amendment
Which case involved Theodore Roosevelt's "trust-busting" that broke up the railroad monopolies?Northern Securities v. U.S.
What action did President Roosevelt take during the Coal Strike of 1902?arbitration--direct government action
What policy did President Roosevelt use to protect the environment?conservation
What acts were part of Roosevelt' "Square Deal"?Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Elkins Act
Which act strengthened the federal government's ability to regulate the railroads?Mann-Elkins Act
What progressive reforms was Wisconsin's Robert M. LaFollette known for?open primary elections and railroad regulation
What reforms reduced the power of political machines?secret ballot, open primary elections, direct election of U.S. Senators
Which progressive reforms gave citizens more power to participate in our democracy?initiatives, referendums, and recalls
What act under the Taft administration angered progressives for failing to lower tariff rates?Payne-Alldrich Tariff
What party supported President Roosevelt's campaign for president in 1912?Progressive/Bull Moose party
Who won the presidential election of 1912?Woodrow Wilson (Dem.)
What was the name of the labor union leader who ran as the Socialist party candidate for president in 1912?Eugene V. Debs
What act was passed under Woodrow Wilson to reform the nation's banking and financial system?Federal Reserve Act
What act was passed under President Woodrow Wilson to strengthen the government's ability to stop trusts from forming monopolies?Clayton Antitrust Act
Which progressive reforms made city government more efficient?council-manager and commission forms
Which court case uphold the doctrine of "separate but equal" (segregation)?Plessy v. Ferguson
Which African-American leader advocated a patient, gradual approach on civil rights?Booker T. Washington?
Which African-American leader demanded immediate social and political equality?W.E.B. Dubois
Which institution is an example of Booker T. Washington's commitment to vocational education for African-Americans?Tuskegee Institute
Which Booker T. Washington speech emphasized a patient and gradual approach on civil rights?Atlanta Compromise
Which organization was formed to fight for the civil rights of African-Americans?NAACP
What methods were used in Southern states to disenfranchise African-Americans?poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses
What laws were passed in Southern states to discriminate against African-Americans?Jim Crow
Give an example of a tactic used to terrorize and control African-Americans in the late-1800s and early-1900slynching
What resulted in the migration of southern blacks to Northern cities between 1910-1920?Great migration
This word means "to limit or take away one's right to vote"disenfranchise
What practice was supported by the Supreme Court's ruling in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson?segregation
What did Henry Ford use to mass produce affordable automobiles for American consumers?assembly line
List an economic reform supported by the Progressives.regulating big business, lower tariffs
Which progressive cause succeeded when the Eighteenth Amendment was ratified?prohibition of alcohol (temperance)
What did Henry Ford produce with the use of the assembly line?Model-T automobile
Which technological change are the Wright brothers known for?airplanes
What factors led to increased consumption by Americans in the early 20th century?mail order catalogs & advertising

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