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terms of the gymnasts like front limber

front limberhandstand into a backbend
handstandstand on hands
headstandstand on head
cartwheelgo ito a handstand side ways kick your legs over your bodyland with one foot hen the other
round-offdo a cartwheel land with both feet together
stradle jumpjump into the air spread your legs apart while you are in the air
pike jumpjump and strech your legs out i front of your body instead of to the side
balenc beama bar that is abouy 3 feet of the floor it needs alot of balance
parralel barstwo bars that are parallel to each other
uneven barstwo bas that one is tallr than the other
vaulta rectangular shaped piece of equipment that you jump on to
spring boarda piece of equipment that you run onto usually to land on the vault
matslaid on the floor for protection against injeries


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