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Endocrine System

pituitary glandGH, TSH, ACTH, ADH, Oxytocin
Thyroid glandT4 and T3
Parathyroid glandregulates exchange of Ca+ between bones & blood
AdrenalEpinephrine and sex hormone production
PancreasInsulin and Glucagon production
Thymusproduces T-lymphocytes
Pineal Bodymelatonin
OvariesEstrogen and Progesterone
Oxytocinstimulates contraction of uterus
ADHacts on kidneys to concentrate urine and conserve fluid
Prolactindevelops breast tissue and stimulates milk production
Growth Hormonenormal growth of body tissue
TSHstimulates growth of thyroid tissue
MSHincreases skin pigmentation
FSHstimulates maturityof follicles to produce estrogen

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