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Phrasal Verbs 4th jrs. Snapshot

Trip on/ overto hit something with your foot while walking so you fall or almost fall.
Go outto leave a room
Go awayto leave a place for a long time or permanently.
Turn upto increase the amount of sound, heat, etc.
Turn onto cause to operate
Turn downto decrease the amount of sound, heat.
Turn offto disconnect
Trip upto put your foot out so someone falls over.
Pick onto treat a person badly or unfairly
Pay backto give someone the money you owe them
Bump intoto meet a person by chance
Hand into give something to a person in authority.
Cheer upto try to make a person less sad.
Find outto discover information.
Look upto find information in books.
Look forto search for something or someone.
Hang onto wait.
Get throughto reach someone, esp by phone.
Hold onto wait for a short time.
Give upto stop doing something
Blow outto stop burning.

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