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The Inner Planets

Detailed info on the terrestrial planets, their characteristics, moons, and differences.

the comparison of one planet to anothercomparative planetology
the first stage of terrestrial planetary evolutiondifferentiation
the separatation of material according to densitydifferentiation
the second stage of terrestrial planetary evolutioncratering
Third stage of terrestrial planetary evolutionflooding
the two substances found in planetary floodinglava and water
Fourth stage of terrestrial planetary evolutionslow surface evolution
The geological structure of the Earth consists of three layers:a metallic core, a rocky mantle, and a thin crust
the moving and shifting of the Earth's crustplate tectonics
the ocean floor is composed of ? .basalt (solidified lava)
the chain of active volcanos around the edges of the Pacific oceanThe Ring of Fire
The oldest portions of the Earth's crustThe Canadian Shield and portions of South Africa
the trapping of heat by CO2 in an atmospherethe greenhouse effect
huge flat lowland plains on the surface of the moonmaria (singular:mare)
undersea mountain rangesmidocean rises
chasms that split down the middle of a undersea mountain rangemidocean rifts
Results of a midocean rift in the Atlanticpushes Africa and South America apart
a region where a tectonic plate slides downwardsubduction zone
the fraction of light that the moon reflectsalbedo
the moon's surface is frozen at what stage in its developmentflooding
best working theory of the formation of the moonlarge-impact hypothesis
theory that states the moon was a planetesimal that smashed into Earth and the debris formed the moonlarge-impact hypothesis
Mercury cooled too quickly to develop ?.plate tectonics
Venus's atmosphere is 100 times ____ then Earth's.denser
Venus has no water because of the extreme temp. This creates a _______.runaway greenhouse effect
Basically, the one difference that led to changes between Venus and Earthamount of water
lack of significant plate tectonics on Mars allows ?.taller volcanos
Mars's moonsPhobos and Deimos
Mars's moons are believed to be ?.captured asteriods
the initial velocity an objects needs to break away from a celestial bodyescape velocity

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