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Vocab Unit 3

exhileratestimulate,excite, gladden
inclementblustery, tempestuous, implacable
cravenfearful, fainthearted, pusillanimous
urbanesuave, elegant
adversaryantagonist, rival, foe
harassannoy, pester, bedevil, worry, beleaguer
redressrectify, correct, mitigate
negligibletrivial, inconsequential, insignificant
deleteremove, cancel, expunge
punitivepenalizing, retaliatory
musemeditate, contemplate, daydream
alienateseparate, drive apart, estrange
sojourna visit, stopover, brief stay
fallowunproductive, inert, dormant
perpetuatecontinue, perserve, prolong indefinitely
demisea death, decease, passing away
coerceto pressure, bully, intimidate, constrain
precedenta guide, tradition, model
artificea ruse, stratagem, contrivance
culinaryrelated to cooking

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