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The Chosen (chapters 1-4 vocabulary)

Hasidismultra-orthodox Jewish way of life
Talmudthe body of early Jewish civil and religious law
yeshivaJewish parochial school
apikorsimJews educated in Judaism who have denied the basic tenets of their faith
tzitzitfour-cornered garment with symbolic knots
ShabbatSabbath; day of rest (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday)
tefillin/ phylacteriestwo small leather cases, holding scripture texts, worn in prayer on the forehead and arm by Orthodox Jewish males
tzaddikrighteous one
Tallitprayer shawl worn by adult males who are or who have been married
kashrutJewish dietary laws
semitica group of languages belonging to the Afro-Asiatic family and spoken in North Africa and Southwest Asia;
Torahthe first five books of the Bible; the Law
Yiddishlanguage derived from medieval German dialect and written in Hebrew script
blatt2 pages of Talmud

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