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Bio.- Cell Reproduction

High School Applied Bio. vocabulary to help review for NYS Regent's Exams

cellsmallest living unit of which organisms are composed
cell membranestructure that separates the components of a cell from ints environment & regulates passage of material into & out of the cell
organellea specialized cell part such as Golgi body, mitochondria, ribosome
nucleuscontrol center of a cell; surrounded by its own membranes
cytoplasmwatery fluid or gel outside the nucleus of a cell
chromosomedistinct bodies in the nucleus containign DNA
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)organic molecules that make up the chromosomes of cells & contain genetic information in the form of a chemical code
DNA sequenceorder of bases in a part of a DNA molecule
DNA fingerprintanalyzing DNA sequences of individuals & matching them to other DNA samples
nucleotidesubunits of nucleic acids containing a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base
amino acidorganic compounds which are the building blocks of proteins
complementaryrelating to the precise pairing of bases between 2 strands of DNA & sometimes between 1 strand of DNA & 1 strand of RNA
enzymea protein that catalyzes (speeds up) a chemical reaction in a cell
DNA tripletsequence of 3 nucleotides in DNA that specify one amino acid
RNA (ribonucleic acid)large, complex molecule that works with DNA in carrying out the instructions of the genetic code
ribosomeorganelle in the cytoplasm that is the site of protein synthesis
codona sequence of 3 bases in messenger RNA which represent a certain amino acid
chromatina copy of a chromosome
mitosisdivision of a cell nucleus resulting in 2 genetically identical daughter cells
tumora mass that is made up of cells that have divided more than they should & that has too little room to funcion properly
malignanta tumor that can be dangerous or even fatal by interfering with some vital body function
benignsaid of a tumor that does not threaten surrounding tissue
cancera dangerous disease that may develope when mitosis gets out of control

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