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Pow Wows

Bandolierslong strings of bone that are worn on the body from the shoulder across the chest to the opposite hip.
BeadworkThe art of putting beads on practically everything.
BreastplatesThe breastplate is an assortment of thin hollowed out bones that are strung together in rows and hung from the neck for protection.
BustleArrangements of feathers that are worn from the body.
ClackersSets of deer toes that have been sewn into a band of leather and tied aroun the ankles and legs.
ContestingCompeting for prizes and recognition against other dancers.
Dance StaffA long stick held in one hand by many dancers as thy dance.
DropPart of the Straight Dancer that hangs down the back and touches the floor.
Fansa group of feathers a person can use to fan themselves with.
GartersFingerwoven sashes that are woven in many different colors and patterns.
Intertribalsdances or songs that belong to no particular tribe
MoccasinsTraditional footwear of many Native American Tribes.
Grand EntryThe first dance of the Pow Wow.
PushA complete verse in a song.
Ribbon workthe art of sewing ribbons together to make patterns.

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