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Oceanography vocabulary terms

Game to help review your knowledge of oceanographic
vocabulary terms.

salinitythe number of grams of dissolved salts in 1 kilogram of ocean water
guyotflat-topped seamount
seamountunder water volcanic mountains
trenchlong, narrow crevices in the ocean floor
cresthighest point of a wave
troughlowest point of a wave
wavelengththe horizontal distance between two consecutive crests or troughs
wave heightthe vertical distance between a crest and a trough
tsunamisgiant ocean waves caused by earthquakes
surface currentscurrents caused mainly by wind
deep currentscurrents caused mainly by differences in the density of water deep in the ocean
upwellingthe rising of deep cold currents to the ocean surface
midocean ridgeunderwater mountain range
oceanographerscientist who studies the ocean
coral reeflarge masses of limestone rock surrounding a volacanic island
shorelineboundary where the land and ocean meet

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