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Latin 102a UH I - Unit II verbs

Match the word to the corect Latin form

adiuvōI am helping
adiūvīI have helped
adiūtushaving been helped
exclāmābithe will exclaim
exclāmabāmuswe were exclaiming
exclāmavēruntthey have exclaimed
festīnāreto hurry
festināvimuswe have hurried
natābamI was swimming
natavithe has swam
natāvistīyou have swam
occupātushaving been seized
pugnābisyou (s) will fight
incitōI am arousing
occupābantthey were seizing
servantthey are guarding
servāvithe has protected
incitābitisyou (pl) will arouse
celebrāvīI have celebrated
dōnāvimuswe have given
donāvistisyou (pl) have given
mandathe entrusts
mōnstrathe points out
nūntiāreto announce
probātushaving been approved
navigābamI was sailing
discessits/he left
discēdits/he leaves
trahits/he drags
trāxits/he dragged
mittits/he sends
mīsits/he sent
dīcōI say
dīxits/he said
facisyou (s) make
fēcits/he made
cēpīI have taken
capitisyou (pl) take
dats/he gives
dedits/he gave
venithe comes
vēnits/he came
fugits/he flees
fūgithe fled
currits/he runs
cucurrits/he ran

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