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Weather - Grade 6

Grade 6 Weather Unit vocabulary and concepts

weatherthe condition of the Earth's atmosphere at a given time in a given place
meteorologythe scientific study of the Earth's weather
meteorologista person who studies the Earth's weather
weather instrumentsused to measure weather conditions
convectioncirculation in a fluid that results from energy transfer; during this process, warm masses of air rise and cool masses of air sink
water vaporwater that is always in the air
cloudsform when air cool and water vapor condenses on dust or other nuclei
thermometerweather instument that measures temperature in degrees C or F
barometerweather instument that measures air pressure in millibars
hygrometerweather instument that measures humidity in pecentage
wind vaneweather instument that measures wind direction measured in compass points
anemometerweather instument that measures wind speed in k/hr
forecasta prediction about what kind of weather to expect
severe weatherweather that is dangerous or causes damage
atmospherethe gases around the Earth
weather factorsproperties of air that affect weather
compressedforced into a smaller space
pressurethe force of the air pushing in all directions
massamount of matter in an object
weightis the force an object exerts because of gravity
Tropospherethe part of Earth's atmoshpere where weather takes place
different kinds of weatherassociated with different seasons

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