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Chapter 5 review

Light enters the eye through what?Retina
The semicircle canals are part of what system?Vestibular
Seeing depth as a result of retinal disparity is what?Stereopsis
Smell is transmitted to the brain by what nerve?Olfactory
The cones are the part of the visual system sensitive to what?Color
What do our senses do at a constant level of stimulation?Adjust
Are ESP results easily verifiable?No
The smallest change in a physical stimulus that is detected is what?Difference threshold
Misrepresentations of reality are called?illusions
What two senses are known as the chemical senses?Smell and Taste
Opening in the Iris?Pupil
Mathematical relationship between motivation, sensitivity, and sensationSignal detection theory
Perceiving certain objects in the same wayConstancy
Receptor cells in the retinaRods
Movement and body positionKinesthesis
Sound vibrations effect what nerve?Auditory
Focuses light on the retinaLens
Weber's law is used to measure?Difference thresholds
Light enters the eye through what?Pupil
Absolute threshold is the amount of energy a person can experience what % of the time?50
The study of the relationship between stimuli from the world and sensory experiences is called?Psychophysics
Color blindness effects what gender the most?Males

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