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What is a Fault?break or crack along which rocks move.
What is a Fold?Bend in rock.
What is Evolve?To change over time.
What is Guyot?Flat topped moutian.
What is a Foot Wall?Block of rock above a fault.
What si a Land Breeze?Flow of air from the land to the sea.
What is a Crest?The highest point of a wave.
What is a Trough?The lowest point of a wave.
What is a Wavelenght?The horizontal distance between two waves.
What is a Tsunamis?The highest of the ocean.
What is a Surface Current?Caused by mainley wind patterns.
What is a Deep Current?These currents are caused mainly by differences in the density of water deep in the ocean.
What is Upwelling?The rising of deep cold currents to the ocean surface.
What is a Tide?The rise and fall of ocean water.
What is a Absyssal Plain?Large flat area on the ocean floor

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