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Cardiovascular fitness

Learn the vocabulary terms related to cardiovascular fitness.

interval trainingalternate periods of exercise at a high intensity with periods of light exercise or rest
step aerobicsan aerobic workout using benches
warmupbeginning phase of workout
cool downtapering off after exercise
target heart ratedesirable rate at which the heart should be beating for a training effect
spinninghigh intensity workout simulating a bike race
poolingaccumalation of blood in the lower extremities
anemiablood does not have enough red blood cells
aortalargest artery in the body
arteriescarries oxygenated blood away from the heart
atherosclerosisnarrowing and hardening of walls of arteries
capillariescarry oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and pick up waste products
diaphragmmuscle separating chest and abdominal cavity
hypertensionhigh blood pressure
plasmathe fluid part of the blood
platelethelps clot the blood
pulmonaryright side of the heart
strokeoccurs when partof the blood supply is cut off to the brain
systemicleft side of the heart
veinsreturns deoxygenated blood to the lungs

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