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Vocabulary Forces and Motion

Forcepush or pull
weightforce of gravity on an object
gravityattraction between all objects
massamount of matter in an object
velocityspeed and direction
accelerationchange in velocity (speed or direction)
2nd law of motionlaw of acceleration
formula of acceleration 2nd law of motionForce= mass (acceleration)
InertiaA body in motion, stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest unless acted on by a force.
3 rd law of motionFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Relative MotionChanging your position compared to another object (Frame of Reference)
Frame of ReferenceThe object(s) you are comparing your motion to.
Most common frame of referenceEarth
Frictionresistance force; opposes motion
Newtondeveloped laws of motion and universal gravity
Formula for WeightWeight = mass x acceleration of gravity
Earth's Acceleration9.8 m/s/s
Resistanceopposition to a force
motionchanging your position
volumeamount of space taken up by an object.
How many independent variables in an experimentone
Independent variableVariable scientist is changing
dependent variablevariable that responds to the indepdendent variable
x axishorizontal axis
y axisvertical axis
variable graphed on x axisindependent variable
variable graphed on y axisdependent variable

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