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Energy Vocabulary

Workmoving an object with a force
Work FormulaWork = Force x distance
EnergyAbility to do work
Potential EnergyStored Energy
Gravitatial Potential EnergyStored energy due to an objects position above the ground.
Kinetic EnergyEnergy in motion
Mechanical EnergyEnergy from moving objects or position.
Nuclear EnergyEnergy stored in the nucleus
Thermal EnergyTotal kinetic energy of the particles within an object.
Chemical EnergyEnergy stored in bonds between particles.
Electromagnetic EnergyEnergy that has both an electric and magnetic wave.
Solar EnergyEnergy from the sun
Geothermal Energyenergy stored in the hot rocks within the Earth.
FissionTakes place in nuclear power plants; Nuclear energy where nucleus splits into two nuclei
Fusiontakes place on the sun; Nuclear energy where two nuclei combines into one larger nucleus
hydroelectric powerElectricity produced from moving water.
Elastic potential EnergyA stretched object that can spring back
momentummass in motion

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