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Lesson 19 Flashcards

matineeA dramatic or musical performance held in the afternoon.
reconnaissanceAn examination or survey often used for military purposes.
forfeitTo lose or have to give up on something due to your own fault.
porcelainA very fine type of dishware, usually white in color.
limousineA large automobile used to transport passengers.
guaranteeA promise or pledge to replace or repair a purchased item if the product is not in good condition.
camouflageA disguise or false appearance used in order to conceal or hide.
cantaloupeA type of melon with a rough rind and orange flesh.
parliamentA council or congress that is the highest lawmaking body in some countries.
pageantAn elaborate spectacle; a grand display or show.
turquoiseA sky-blue or greenish-blue color or mineral.
nuisanceA thing or person that annoys, troubles, or offends.
sergeantA military officer ranking above a corporal.
counterfeitTo copy in order to deceive or defraud.
connoisseurA judge or expert in art or other matters of taste.
silhouetteAn outline portrait or profile.
archaeologyThe scientific study of the people, customs, and life of ancient times.
ricochetThe skipping or jumping motion of an object after glancing off a flat surface.
liaisonA connection between military units or branches of a service used in order to communicate.
aerialThe antenna of a radio, television set, etc.

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