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Vocabulary for Test 3 (Units 4, 5, 2)

Use these activities to study and practice the words that will be on Vocabulary Test 3, which will be about 10% of your semester grade. Although these activities access the entire list of words you need to know, only the Flashcards activity makes use of the whole list. Check your class schedule to see when your class' test is. Good luck!

complex (adj)difficult to understand
inconceivableimpossible to imagine or believe
thiefa person who steals sth from another person or place
prospect (n)the possibility that sth will happen
arrest (v)to be taken to a police station because one is believed to be guilty of a crime
eagervery interested and excited by sth that is going to happen
suspect (v)to have an idea that sb is guilty of sth
robto steal money or property from a person or place
track (v)to find sb by following the marks, signs, information, etc., that they have left behind them
admitto agree, often unwillingly, that sth is true
neighborhoodan area of a town
intensevery great; very strong; extreme
hatredvery strong feeling of dislike for sb/sth
collect (v)to bring together; gather
attempt (v)an act of trying to do sth
preventionthe act of stopping sth bad from happening
curiositya strong desire to know about sth
demonstrateto show and explain how sth works
commit ~to do sth wrong or illegal
assignto send a person to work under the authority of sb or in a particular group
communityall the people who live in a particular area
sheltera building that provides protection for people or animals who have been badly treated
qualify [for sth]to be of a high enough ability to enter a competition
eventone of the races or competitions in a sports program
associationorganization; an official group of people who have joined together for a particular purpose
consistenthappening in the same way and continuing for a period of time
exceptionaloutstanding; unusually good
victima person who has been attacked, injured or killed as the result of a crime, a disease, or an accident
concentrate on sth (v)to spend more time doing one particular thing than others
point outto mention sth in order to give sb information about it or make them notice it
demonstrateto show by your actions that you have a particular quality, feeling or opinion
fanatica person who is extremely enthusiastic about sth
revolutionarya person who starts or supports a revolution, especially a political one
psychologista scientist who studies and is trained in how the mind influences behavior
standarda level of behaviour that sb considers to be morally acceptable
cheerto shout loudly, to show support or praise for sb, or to give them encouragement
encouragementthe act of giving sb the confidence or enthusiasm to do sth well with with courage, spirit, or hope
What's the harm?used to tell sb that sth is a good idea and will not cause any problems
annualhappening or done once every year
shouldereither of the two parts of the body between the top of each arm and the neck
customaryif sth is ____, it is what people usually do in a particular place or situation
cattlecows and bulls that are kept as farm animals for their milk or meat
limban arm or a leg
reverse (n)the opposite of what has just been mentioned
earringa piece of jewellery that you wear on your ear
whisper (v)to speak very quietly to sb so that other people cannot hear what you are saying

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