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Chapter 7 and Chapter 5

Sales taxa common revenue source at the state level
Property taxa major source of school revenue
Robin Hood reformersa school funding strategy that took funds from wealthy districts and redistributed the monies to poorer districts
State lotteriesa relatively new source of revenue that supplements education budget
proposition 13In CA, passed to limit property tax
Adequate educationensures educational opportunities for poorer students
Serrano v. Priestfound property tax unconstitutional under CA law
San Antonio School District v. Rodriquezfound property tax acceptable under US Constitution
Best describes the system of funding US schools?very decentralized, with local & state gov. bearing most of the cost
Local communities raise most of the educational revenue throughproperty tax
Trend of the Supreme Court has been to put responsibility of equalizing edu expenditures onthe states
In San Antonio v. Rodriguez ruledthe current finance system did not voilate the US constitution
What's the importance of Edgewood v. Kirbystate supreme court found that gross difference in per-pupil expenditures violated the state constitution
declared edu a fundamental right under CA state law and led to reform in state funding of schoolsSerrano v. Priest
An important lesson drawn from Abbott v. Burkeadditional financial help does not necessarily translate into improved academic performance
In the last fifty years or so, state funding for schoolsincreased dramatically
What's the biggest sources of state funding for schools?sales and personal income taxes
How much of the cost of public education does the federal government pay for?less than 10%

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