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2.01 Licensing Requirements

licensePermit issued by a licensing agency to a child care facility that meets standards
licensing agencyAn organization that issues licenses and enforces licensing laws
child care programA child care center or home operated by one owner
licenseeA person granted permission to operate a child care facility
operatorA person held legally responsible for a child care business
issuanceThe process of giving an operator a permit or license
pre-licensingThings that take place before a license is granted
zoning requirementsLaws affecting approval of locations of businesses
comply/complianceTo do as requested/ the process of doing as requested
notice of complianceA permit issued to a religious-sponsored child care facility opting to take certain exemptions from child care rules, but found to be in compliance with health and safety standards not exempted by law
Early Childhood Environment Rating ScaleAn instrument used to evaluate the quality of care received by a group of children in a child care center when the majority of children in the group are two-and-one-half to five years old
change in ownershipWhen the person legally responsible for a business changes
change in locationWhen the business moves to a different address
change in capacityWhen the size of the facility space changes
temporary licenseA license to operate for up to six months
provisional licenseA license to operate up to twelve months, until unmet standards are met
special provisional licenseFor centers accused of child abuse or neglect, up to six months
probationary licenseFor centers who have repeatedly violated statutes, up to one year
rated licenseBased on center's program standards, staff education levels, and compliance record
One Star Rated LicensesTo centers who meet only the minimum requirements for issuance of a license
Higher-Level Rated LicensesFor centers who earn extra points based on program standards, educations levels of staff, and compliance history; number of points determines number of stars
Building inspectionChecking to see if Building Codes are met for type of structure
Fire inspectionChecking to see if Fire Code regulations are met
Sanitation inspectionChecking to see if Sanitation Code regulations are met

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