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Chapter 7 "Ionic and Metallic Bonding"

Use these activities to help you learn the vocabulary and major concepts presented in this chapter

chemical formulashows the kinds and numbers of atoms in the smallest representative unit of a substance
valence electronselectrons in the highest occupied energy level of an element's atoms
electron dot structurea diagram that shows valence electrons as dots
octet ruleIn forming compounds, atoms tend to react so as to acquire the stable electron configuration of a noble gas
halide iona negative ion formed when a halogen atom gains an electron
formula unitthe lowest whole-number ratio of ions in an ionic compound
ionic bondsthe electrostatic attraction that binds oppositely charged ions together
coordination numberthe number of ions of opposite charge that surround the ion in a crystal
metallic bondsthe attraction of free- floating valence electrons for positively charged metal ions
ionic compoundscompounds composed of cations and anions
alloya mixture of two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal
anionsnegatively charged ions
cationspositively charged ions

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