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Pigman- Vocabulary

oatha promise
epica long, serious narrative poem of a legendary hero.
phonyfake, not genuine, not real
scrawnyill-nourished; skinny
revoltingextremely offensifve; sickening
represssubdue; to hold in self control
abominablecausing hatred, or quite disagreeable
compassionsorrow or pity
compulsivean irresistable urge to do something
paranoiasuspicion or distrust of others
mortifiedashamed or embarrassed
hoardedstores up items
distortsto twist out of the true meaning
hideoushorribly uglly or disgusting
prevaricateto avoid telling the truth; to lie
subconsciousthe mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness
terminaloccuring at or contributing to the end of life
antagonisticoppositional, defiant, openly hostile

8th Grade Special Education Teacher
Midlakes Middle School
Clifton Springs, NY

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