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Unit 11 Vocabulary - modified

aliasan assumed name, otherwise called, pseudonym
burlybig and strong, muscular, strapping, hefty, beefy
distortto give a false or misleading account of, to twist out of shape, disfigure, falsify
dumbfoundedso amazed that one is unable to speak, bewildered, speechless, stunned, flabbergasted
inevitablesure to happen, unavoidable, inescapable, fated
ingrainedfixed deeply and firmly, working into the grain or fiber, forming a part of the inmost being, deep-seated, deep-rooted, indelible
prevailto triumph over, to succeed, to exist widely, be in general use, to get someone to do something by urging, win, rule, reign, overcome, conquer
replenishto fill again, make good, replace, restock, restore
rummageto search through, investigate the contents of, an active search, a collection of odd items, delve into, sift through
vandalismdeliberate and pointless destruction of public or private property, malicious defacement

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