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2.02 Safe Environments

safety needsA basic need for the sense of security
freedom from dangerFeeling free from harm
sense of securityA feeling of being safe
safeIn an unharmed, uninjured, or undamaged condition
secureUntroubled by feelings of fear or doubt
secure environementA surrounding or situation where harm, damage, or loss is unlikely
childproofingTo make something safe for children to use, or safe against damage or tampering by children
firearmsA portable weapon that fires ammunition such as a pistol or rifle
food allergiesAn immune system response to a food that the body perceives as harmful
food poisoningResults from eating foods that contain bacteria or their toxic byproducts
suffocationTo deprive somebody of air or prevent somebody from breathing, or be unable to breathe
lead poisoningA medical condition caused by toxic levels of the metal lead in the blood
asbestosHazardous material that may be found in homes built prior to 1978
electronic devicesRelating to devices, systems, or circuits that employ components such as vacuum tubes, integrated circuits, or transistors in their design e.g., are computers, Ipods, etc.
physical safetyFree from bodily harm
internet safetyRules for the safe use of the internet for children

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