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2.03 Parenting Styles

parenting stylesThe manner in which parents express their beliefs about how to be a good parent; many adopt the styles of parenting learned from their parents because that is the way they were raised and it must be right
authoritarianStyle of parenting in which punishment and control are used frequently with power and authority
democraticStyle of parenting in which parents and children work together to set limits and make discipline decisions
permissiveStyle of parenting in which parents let their children do whatever they want; setting few limits, and offering little guidance
role modelA person who is consistent and sets positive examples for others
setting limitsRules that define the boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable behavior
positive reinforcementA response to a desired behavior that makes the behavior likely to be repeated
consistencyMaintaining a particular standard or repeating a particular response in the same or similar way
intentionalDone on purpose, not by accident
unintentionalDone not on purpose or by plan, but by accident
warningA piece of advice given to somebody to be careful or to stop doing something
natural consequencesResults that usually occur when a certain behavior is performed
logical consequencesResults set by parents to show what may be expected to logically happen following certain actions
child abusePhysical, emotional, or sexual harm done to a child
child neglectNot taking care of and providing for the needs of a child; the child may not be aware of the neglect until he/she is older
punishmentA limit set to correct behavior
negative reinforcementA response aimed at discouraging children from repeating an inappropriate or unacceptable behavior

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