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Learning the Internet

hypermediaa variety of text, graphics, video and sound
hyperlinksoftware pointer that points to location of computer where hypermedia is stored
World Wide Weba collection of hyperlinks throughout the Internet
URLunique address of each Web page at Web sites
protocola set of rules the computers follow
HTTPdescribes rules for transmitting hypermedia documents electronically
domain namean Internet address of computer on the Internet where the Web page is located
patha file name and directory or folder name
HTMLa special formatting language
home pagethe first page for a Web site
Netscapethe most popular browser in use
Navigatora communication program used to browse World Wide Web
Mailboxprovides electronic mail facilities
Composerused to create HTML documents for publishing on WWW
location text boxcontains URL for Web page currently shown
image mapa picture that has different URLs associated with different areas of picture
History listdifferent Web pages, Netscape keeps track of that you visit
Bookmarkconsists of title of Web page and URL of that page
Clipboarda temporary storage area in main memory
Interneta collection of networks, each of which is composed of a collection of smaller networks

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