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Review for Heat Transfer Quiz

This site is intended to assist students in preparing for a quiz on Heat Transfer.

RadiationThe direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.
ConductionThe direct transfer of heat between two touching things.
ConvectionThe transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid.
Feeling the sun's heat on your face is an example of which kind of heat transfer?Radiation
What kind of heat transfer occurs when you put a heating pad on your injured knee?Conduction
What kind of heat transfer occurs when you warm your hands in front of a fire?Radiation
Hot water swirling in a pan is what type of heat transfer?Convection
What type(s) of heat transfer warm Earth's atmosphere?ALL 3: Radiation, Conduction, and Convection
Through what type of heat transfer does the Sun provide heat energy?Radiation
When the warm ground heats the air that touches it, what type of heat transfer occurs?Conduction
When warm, less dense air rises, then cools and drops, what type of heat transfer is happening?Convection
When radiation from the Sun enters the atmosphere, what two things can happen?It can be REFLECTED or ABSORBED
What type of heat energy causes warm air to rise and heat the troposphere?Convection
How does the heated ground warm the air it is touching?Through conduction

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