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These flash cards are meant for children or adults who are studing the Constitution. They help prepare for a test or maybe they are just to test your knowledge about the Constitution of the United State.

CommerceTo regualate commerce with foreign nations, and among several states, and with the Indian tribes.
NaturalizationThe legal process to becoming a citizen
Federal CourtsTo constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court
Electoral collegegroup of electors from every state who meet every four years to vote for President and Vice President of the United States.
vetoto reject
quorumone over half; 51
Preambleopening statement to the Constitution
Senatesmaller house of Congress in which each state has two senators
ratifyto approve
separation of powersprinciple that the powers of government be divided among separate branches
Thirteenth Amendmentconstitutional amendment that banned slavery in the United States.
unconstitutionalNot permitted by the Constitution
Nineteenth Amendmentconstitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote
legislative branchbranch of government that passes laws
Judiciary Actlaw that organized the federal court system
judicial branchbranch of government that decides if laws are carriend out fairly
Great Compromiseplan at the Constitutional Convention that settled the differences between large and small states
Fourthteenth AmendmentConstitutional amendment that granted citizenship to all persons born in the United States
federalhaving to do with the national government

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