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21 Balloons #1

expressiona group of words often repeated by others
old-fashionednot commonly used now; thinking in old ways
modernof the present times; the newest ideas or ways of doing things
ascendto go up
descendto go down
loyaltynot changing in your friendships or beliefs
detailssmall pieces of information about sth; opposite of summary
inflateto fill sth with air
deflateto let air out of sth
baffleto be impossible for sb to understand; to confuse entirely
bribemoney given to sb to get him to do sth for you, usually dishonestly
idealthe best possible; perfect
revealto make sth known that was unknown before
heroa person who has done sth brave and is admired for it
columna tall post made of stone used to support a building
miniaturea small copy of sth which is much larger
steeplea church tower that has a pointed top
rivala person or thing tha tis competing with another
sparka small bright piece of burning material
carriagea vehicle pulled by horses used to transport people
aislea passage between rows of seats
porcha covered area outside the entrance to a house
ballastheavy material used to make a balloon fly more safely
dunkto push st below water and bring back up
provisionssupplies of food and drink
instantaneoushappening at once or immediately
cupolaa small round structure built on top of a roof
balustradea railing put up at the edge of a porch, stairway for safety

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