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Chapter 1_Shackled Minds (Flash Cards)

From the book, "I'll find a way or make one"

What was the first HBCU?Pennsylvania's Cheyney University established in 1837
What famous talk-show host attended Tennessee State University and donated more than $1 million to Spelman and Morehouse?Oprah Winfrey
Who was the first democratically elected president of present day Ghana?Kwame Nkrumah
Who was the first black Rhodes scholar?Alain Locke
Who was the first black supreme court justice?Thurgood Marshall
Who was the first black billionaire?Reginald Lewis
What famous person viewed education as the great social equalizer?W.E.B. Dubois
Who was the famous public school reformer?Horace Mann
Who was the first black news anchorman on "60 Minutes" whom also attended Cheyney University?Ed Bradley
What famous person attended Tuskegee University and later became a famous disc jockey?Tom Joyner
What famous MTV VJ/ talk-show host attended Howard University?Ananda Lewis
Who was a famous actress, producer, director, dancer and choreographer who attended Howard University?Debbie Allen
Who was a Howard alumna and Atlanta's first woman mayor?Shirley Clarke
Who was this famous social activist, whom also went by the name Kwame Toure`?Stokely Carmichael
Who was Detroit's youngest mayor and the first black in Michigan history to lead any party on the legislature?Kwame. M. Kilpatrick
What social group opened the New York African Free School in 1787?The Anglican and Quaker Manumission Society
Who founded Cheyney University?Richard Humphrey
Who was the first black actor to perform at the Royal Coburg Theatre in London College?Ira Aldridge
What was the previous name of Cheyney University?Philadelphia Training School
Who was the first black president of the Philadelphia Training School?Charles L. Reason
What newspaper did Samuel Cornish write?The Rights of All
What two men attempted to establish the first college for blacks in 1829?Samuel Cornish and Simeon Jocelyn
What was the first name of Cheyney University?The African Institute
Who was the first female principal of the Institute for Colored Youth, later named Cheyney University?Fanny Jackson Coppin
Who was the first president of the New York Manumission Society?John Jay
What was the name of the private school made for African Americans in 1803?Primus Hall
Who was the first African American female to receive a degree from Oberlin in 1862?Jane Patterson
Who wrote the book "Upon These Shores"?William G. Shade
What was the name of Fredrick Douglass' first book at the age of 12?The Columbian Orator
Who led the bloodiest slave revolt on August 22, 1831?Revolutionary preacher Nat Turner
What former slave established Jackson State University?Reverend H. P. Jacobs
Who was the first African American female to become a lawyer?Mary Ann Shadd Cary
Who was the first black college president in the United States?Rev. Daniel Alexander Payne
Which school later became the University of the District of Columbia?The Miner Normal School
Who was the woman who taught Frederick Douglass how to read?Sophia Auld
When did the first enslaved Africans come to North America?1619
Arriving on a Dutch ship in 1619, where did the first 20 enslaved Africans land in North America?Jamestown, Virginia
What African empire was known for establishing over a hundred schools in Timbuktu?Mali
What Quaker abolitionist was jailed for opening up a academy for black girls in Connecticut in 1833?Prudence Crandall
What US President was a pioneer for public education in Virginia, but not for African Americans?Thomas Jefferson

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