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Classroom and School Vocabulary

I am not going to be in school, I will beabsent
When I have a question about my schedule, I should talk to mycounselor
I keep my important stuff locked up in mylocker
If I want to ride the bus home, I will need either money or abus pass
When I am feeling sick, I ask for a pass to thenurse
I change into my gym clothes in thelocker room
The person who is the head of the school is called theprincipal
When I am late for class, I amtardy
In ________I can do my homeworkstudy hall
A small test to see what we have learned is called aquiz
A BIG test to see what we have learned is called anexam
When I want to go somewherre in the school during class time, I need apass
We eat lunch in thecafeteria
I lock my locker with alock
When I am reading, I mark important parts with ahighlighter
We have P.E. classes in the ________ which is also called the gymnasiumgym
Work that is assigned to be done at home is calledhomework
Once teachers used to use blackboards and chalk, now they use a _______ and markers.whiteboard
When a teacher talks and we take notes, it is called alecture
If I misbehave or am late a lot, I may have to serve adetention
If I get into trouble, the person whom I will have to see is called thedean
All the teachers in the school as a group are called thefaculty
We sometimes use the ________lab, where we use computers to help us learn Englishlanguage
The _____ is a place to go when we have to do work which requires a computercomputer lab
At the beginning of the schoolyear, we get a ________ which tells us what classes we have during each periodschedule
The people who monitor the hallways during passing periods and who sit at the doors to the school are calledsafety monitors
We have _____ to practice what we would do in case of a firefire drills
When it snows a lot and it is hard for people to get to school, we might have asnow day
A secondary school like Maine East is called ahigh school
The websites available through the school are calleddatabases
When I tell where I got my information to write a paper or do a project I am writing abibliography/works cited
If I can speak two languages, I ambilingual
If I can speak more than two languages, I ammultilingual
The head of District 207 is called thesuperintendent
ESL stands forEnglish as a Second Language
In a few weeks, we will beginvacation
A section of the schoolyear is called asemester
_________is a class in which we learn to drive a cardriver's education
In the middle of the semester we get a _________which tells us how we are doing in classprogress report
At the end of the semester we get a _________to tell us how we did in classreport card
When I misbehave in class, the teacher writes abehavior report
If I am in trouble and have broken school rules, I may besuspended
There are many _____I can join in schoolclubs
If I enjoy athletics, I can participate in schoolsports
When I graduate from Maine East, I may go tocollege
If I am a very good studetn, I can earn a ____ for collegegescholarship
Some subjects we have in high school, areMath, Science, English, History
A book used in school is called atextbook
Sports and clubs are calledextracurricular activities
The years of high school are calledfreshman, sophomore, junior, senior

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