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Digestive System Review

Taken from the Quia quiz on the Digestive System

essential amino acids are essential becausethe body cannot make them
olive oil is WHAT typpe of fat?unsaturated
where is bile storedgallbladder
skin is what type of tissueepithelial
starch is chemically broken down herestomach
vitamins A,D, and K are all...water soluble vitamins
Solid at room temperaturesaturated
hamburgers are square at what fast food restaurant?Wendy's
Hammburger has this type of fatsaturated
Food chewed up in the mouthBolus
Carbs and Proteins are absorbed into...cappilaries
The reason big ol animals like us bulky humans need a delivery systemout tissue is so thick that diffusion would be impossible
pasta would be an example of this type of carb.POLYsaccaride
Horse walks in to a bar and the bartender says what?Hey, why the long face?
In the stomoch, gastric glands don't produce which of these substances?amylase (or course!!)
What does the Pancreas not do?Produce Bile
My dear friends, Sodium is clearly an example of a...Mineral
Cellular RespirationGlucose --> Energy in the presence of Oxygen
Teeth that cut like scissorsIncisors (gee, that looks a lot like the word scissors)
The Material that leaves the stomachChyme (just like to chyme and go out of the stomach)
what structure gives the small intestine greater surface area?villi
where does mechanical digestion take place?Mouth and Stomach


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