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History Whiz

History terms and questions

invented the telegraphSamuel F.b. morse
invented the railroadsTom Thumb
what are trade unionsunited skilled workers
unskilled workersWorkers that did jobs that required little or no training
faminesevere time of food shortage
know nothing partypolitical party that said I know nothing when asked about the party
cotton ginmachine that could clean cotton very fast and thorugh
small farmersfarmers that owned some land and a couple slaves
cottonocracyplantation owners that owned 20 or more slaves
slavesblack workersthat were treated badly and not paid and could be sold at owners will
american colonization societywanted to free slaves and set up a colony for them in Liberia africa
abolitionistspeople that believed slaves should be set free
underground railroadsystem of abolitionists that helped slaves reach freedom without capture
poor whiteswhites that usually share cropped and had no slaves
free blacksblacks that were free but were treated harshly
Eli Whitneyinvented the cotton gin
clipper shipfast sailing ship of the 1800s
discriminationpolicy that denies equal rights to a certain race
slave lawslaws that set tight restrictions on slaves
extended familyslave families that made tight knit groups that included parents grandparents cousins uncles and children


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