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Pokemonpocket monster
Oakthe pokemon professor
squirtlea tiny turtle
charmandera fire pokemon
bulbusaura grass pokemon
wartortlean evolved squirtle
charmelonan evolved charmander
ivysauran evolved bulbusaur
clefairya rare pokemon
spearowa flying pokemon
clefablean evolved clefairy
fearowan evolved spearow
blastoisean evolved wartortle
charizardan evolved charmelon
venusauran evolved ivysaur
pikachuan electric pokemon
raichuan evolved pikachu
grimera toxic pokemon
mukan evolved grimer
pidgeya bird pokemon
pidgeottoan evolved pidgey
pidgeotan evloved pidgeoto
jigglypuffa balloon pokemon
wigglytuffan evolved jigglypuff
ekansa snake pokemon
arbokan evolved ekans
abraa psychic pokemon
kadabraan evolved abra
alakazaman evolved kadabra
caterpiea bug pokemon
metapodan evolved caterpie
butterfreean evolved metapod
weedlea poisnous bug pokemon
kakunaan evolved weedle
beedrilan evolved kakuna
rattataa pokemon with big teeth
raticatean evolved rattata
sandshrewa rock pokemon
sandslashan evolved sandshrew
nidoran femalea small pokemon with a horn
nidorinaan evolved nidoran female
nidoqueenan evolved nidorina
nidoran malea horned pokemon
nidorinoan evolved nidoran male
nidokingan evolved nidorino
vulpixa small fire pokemon
ninetailsan evolved vulpix
zubata bat pokemon
golbatan evolved zubat
oddisha small plant pokemon
glooman evolved oddish
vileplumean evolved gloom
parasa bug pokemon with parasitic mushrooms
parasectan evolved paras
venonata small flying bug pokemon
venomothan evolved venonat
digletta small rock pokemon
dugtrioan evolved diglett
meowtha cat pokemon
persianan evolved meowth

Kenny Osburn

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