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Water Unit Study Guide Game

This may help you study for you upcoming test on our water unit. Have fun studying!

ninety seven percentPercent of the Earth's water that is salt water
three percentPercent of Earth's water that is fresh water..
Natural ResourceA useful material from Earth.
three-fourthsHow much of the Earth's Surface is water?
waterEarth is sometimes called the _____ planet.
air, soil, waterexamples of Natural Resources
living thingsAll _______ _______ contain water.
liquid solid gas3 states of matter
evaporateWhen liquid water changes to a gas.
condenseWhen water vapor changes to a liquid.
water vaporWhen water is a gas, it is called _____.
iceWhen water is a solid, it is called _____.
water cycleThe path that water follows as it evaporates into the air, condenses into clouds, and returns to Earth as rain.
surface waterA source of water that already exists on land.
ground waterWater that soaks into the ground and fills the space between soil and rocks.
aquiferAn underground layer of rock where water collects.
reservoirThe place behind a dam where water collects.
water pressureWater flows through pipes in your house because of _____ _____.
gravityWater flows from a water tower because of _____.
freezingThe reason water mains are buried in the ground is to prevent them from _____.
hardWater that contains a lot of minerals is said to be ____.
softWater containing few minerals is said to be ____.
distilledWater that does not contain any minerals or chemicals is called _____.
dissolvedWhen minerals mix with water and separate into very tiny parts that cannot be seen.
germsWater can contain tiny living things called ______.
chemicalsGerms can be killed by treating water with _____.
pollutedWater that contains unwanted or harmful materials.
currents_____ can form as the wind blows over the surface of water.
tidesThe moon pulls on Earth's surface, causing ____.
conservesFixing leaky faucets and doing full loads of laundry _____ water.

Mr. Livezey and Mrs. Hill

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