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The Making of A Midevil Manuscript

Come along with me and take a trip through time. Play a game of concentration to test your knowledge of the making of a Midevil Manuscript. They sure don't make 'em like they used to.

vellurrianother name for "parchment;" can be used interchangably.,
pouncesubstance used to prepare the surface of parchment for writing
sacramentarylitergical book used by celebrants to recite prayers for mass
glairegg whites; used to adhere embelishements in illumination
sewingthe most time consuming part of binding a midevil book
flyleavesadded at the beginning and/or end of the book for protection
Bifoliumwriting surface that can be folded in half to make two leaves, or four pages
rectothe front side of the page
reversothe back side of the page
chemiseloose jackets wrapped around the book to keep out dust
subscriptioan inscription at the beginning of a book stating the place, date, and sometimes the scribe producing the book
colophonan inscription at the end of the book, stating the date, place and sometimes the scribe that produced the book
catchworda word placed to help a binder to establish the correct order of quires
vellummaterial used for creating writing material, explicitly made from calf skin
burnishingenhancing the smoothness and shininess of a surface
quiregathering or "booklets" of which a book is formed
canon tablesa system devised to record the concurrances of gospel passages
gildingapplying silver or gold to a surface
limp bindingbinding without boards
missalbook containing necessary parts of a mass

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