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Present Indicative

trabajoI work
trabajasYou work
trabajahe/she works
trabajamosWe work
trabajaisYou'all work
trabajanThey work
beboI drink
bebesYou drink
bebehe/she drinks
bebemosWe drink
bebeisYou'all drink
bebenThey drink
escriboI write
escribesYou write
escribehe/she writes
escribimosWe write
escribisYou'all write
escribenThey write
aprendoI learn
aprendesYou learn
aprendehe/she learns
aprendemosWe learn
aprendeisYou'all learn
aprendenThey learn
deseoI want
deseasYou want
deseahe/she wants
deseamosWe want
deseaisYou'all want
deseanThey want
necesitoI need
necesitasYou need
necesitahe/she needs
necesitamosWe need
necesitaisYou'all need
necesitanThey need
reciboI receive
recibesYou receive
recibehe/she receives
recibimosWe receive
recibisYou'all receive
recibenThey receive
regresoI return
regresasYou return
regresahe/she returns
regresamosWe return
regresaisYou'all return
regresanThey return
tocoI touch
tocasYou touch
tocahe/she touches
tocamosWe touch
tocaisYou'all touch
tocanThey touch
usoI use
usasYou use
usahe/she uses
usamosWe use
usaisYou'all use
usanThey use
vendoI sell
vendesYou sell
vendehe/she sells
vendemosWe sell
vendeisYou'all sell
vendenThey sell
vivoI live
vivesYou live
vivehe/she lives
vivimosWe live
vivisYou'all live
vivenThey live
hagoI do
hacesYou do
hacehe/she does
hacemosWe do
haceisYou'all do
hacenThey do
pongoI put
ponesYou put
ponehe/she puts
ponemosWe put
poneisYou'all put
ponenThey put
salgoI go out
salesYou go out
salehe/she goes out
salimosWe go out
salisYou'all go out
salenThey go out
traigoI bring
traesYou bring
traehe/she brings
traemosWe bring
traeisYou'all bring
traenThey bring
seI know (facts; how to do something)
sabesYou know (facts; how to do something)
sabehe/she knows (facts; how to do something)
sabemosWe know (facts; how to do something)
sabeisYou'all know (facts; how to do something)
sabenThey know (facts; how to do something)
veoI see (a thing)
vesYou see (a thing)
vehe/she sees (a thing)
vemosWe see (a thing)
veisYou'all see (a thing)
venThey see (a thing)
conozcoI know ( place or thing )
conocesYou know ( place or thing )
conocehe/she knows ( place or thing )
conocemosWe know ( place or thing )
conoceisYou'all know ( place or thing )
conocenThey know ( place or thing )
traduzcoI translate
traducesYou translate
traducehe/she translates
traducimosWe translate
traducisYou'all translate
traducenThey translate

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