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Art Vocabulary

Match the art words with their definitions.

abstractartwork based on shape and color
bisqueceramic ware that has been fired once but not glazed
brayera small sponge or rubber roller used to spread paint or ink
canvasa strong cloth used for painting
claya natural material made from earth
collagean artwork created by gluing bits of paper, fabric, etc. to a flat surface
color wheela circular chart showing colors
compementary colorscolors opposite each other on the color wheel
contour a line showing the edge of a shape or form
kilnthe furnace-like oven used for firing ceramic objects
monoprinta printing process that usually results in one print rather than many
murala large painting crated on the wall or ceiling
primary colorsred, yellow,and blue
secondary colorsorange, green, violet
tinta light color made by adding white to color

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