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Animal Rights - Vocabulary

Match the term with its definition

Animal RightsThe belief that non-human animals have interests and rights similar, and in some cases equal, to those of humans
Animal TestingExperiments performed on non-human animals. The majority of this testing is for research into finding cures for human diseases
Factory FarmingA method of producing animal-derived food products, designed to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Common methods include confining animals in small windowless cubicles, feeding animals hormones to improve the flavor and texture of their meat and milk, and limiting exercise and interaction with other animals.
Non-Human AnimalAny member of the kingdom Animalia of any species other than Homo sapiens (humans)
VeganA human diet that does not include any animal flesh or any products that come from or negatively impacts animals, including milk, cheese, honey, eggs, and gelatin. Also, one who practices this kind of diet.
VegetarianAs it is generally used, a human diet that does not include any animal flesh, but may include eggs, milk, honey, and other animal products. Also, one who practices this kind of diet
Supporters of Animal RightsThose that seek to include non-human animals in the so-called moral community that humans belong to, by encouraging others to respect their basic interests as they would the interests of a human
Opponents of Animal RightsThose who argue that animals lack both the mental and moral capacity to be granted even the most basic rights
PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsAdvocates complete abstention of the use of animals for food, clothing, experiments, entertainment, and any other human purposes, and for the adoption of a vegan lifestyle
ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsFounded in 1866 to bring national attention to the issue of animal rights and to what activists saw as the mistreatment of animal

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