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Poetry Terms

For studying Poetry Terms

PoetryA wide variety of spoken and written forms
Personificationgiving human traits to a non human or abstract thing
Imagerylanguage that triggers your mind to recall or combine images
Metaphora pattern equating 2 seemingly unlike objects
Similecompars two things using the word slike or as
Alliterationeither the repetition of identical consinant sounds that begin silables in close pattern
PersonnaRefers to the narrarator
onomatopoeiaa blending of consinant and vowl sounds
Hyperboletype of figerative language that depends on intentional overstatement
StanzaA poetic paragraph
Epicrefers to a long narrative poem with re-encounts of adventure herose
PoetOne who makes poetry
Dialectrefers to words & pronunciation of a particular region or groupe
Idomrefers to words phrases or patterns of expression

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