Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Thomas's spelling

This game hopefully will last my 7 year old brother for a while.

booksomething you read
goodopposite of bad
lookto see is to _____ at something
cookto make (dinner)
hoodcovers your head, attached to a coat
tookhe ____ the pencil and ran off
stoodto get up from a sitting position
footpart of anatomy at bottom of leg
crookthe bank robber was a ______
brooka small stream
woolcomes off of a sheep, gets made in to sweaters.
hookyou can hang things on it.
woodtrees are made of _____
shookto grab and move quickly
woodsover the river and through the _______
bookmarkholds a place in a book
goodbyewhen you leave some one, you say _________
cookiea dessert, can have chocolate chips
foola stupid person, wears a jesters cap.
hoofa horses foot.


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