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Interneta collection of networks,each of which is composed of a collection of smaller networks
hypermediaany variety of computer media, including text, graphics, video, and sound
documentspictures or other hypermedia available at Web sites
Uniform Resource Locatorunique address of each Web page at the Web sites on the World Wide Web
protocola set of rules computers follow
domain namethe Internet address of the computer on the Internet where the Web page is located
paththe file specification includes the file name and possibly a directory or folder name
home pagethe first page for a Web site, organization or an individual
pointmove the mouse across a flat surface until the mouse pointer rests on the item of choice on the screen
clickmeans you press and release the left mouse button
component barcontains icons that access the four components of Netscape Communicator
menu bardisplays Netscape menu names
location toolbarcontains the URL for the Web page currently shown in the content area of Netscape
status indicatorgoes into motion, or animates, while a connection to a Web site is being made and while a page is being retrieved and displayed
history listNetscape keeps track of the ones you visit in a special area
bookmarkconsists of the title of the Web page and the URL of the page
clipboarda temporary storage area in the main memory
help contentsdisplays online Help, with links to contents and index entries

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