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SAT vocabulary 12

adverseopposed;not helpful;against someone or something
analogyconnection between things that are otherwise dissimilar; a conclusion that if two things are alike in some respects they must be alike in others
caricatureimitation, parody, travesty; a ludicruous exaggeration (usually in picture form) of peculiar personal characteristics
conflagrationdestructive fire, holocaust, flame
contingencypossibility, chance; liable to happen,but not sure to do so; dependent
denizenresident, inhabitant; a dweller (human or animal)
despoilto rob; to strip of property or possessions by force
extantstill in existance; not lost or destroyed; surviving
extricateto free from hindrance, entanglement or difficulties; to disengage
insolublenot capable of being solved
malign (verb)to speak slander or devil of
miscreant (noun)a person who is involved in criminal or evil acts; a heretic
nomadicpertaining to group of people who wander from place to place
presage (verb)to be as an omen or indication of something to come; to premonite
protestation a solemn declaration, a protest
ruminateto chew a cud; to ponder at length
sordidfilthy, very dirty; morally corrupt
testimoniala formal statement, written declaration testifying to character+ qualities of person
wry (adj.)twisted, wrongheaded, self-willed; turned in one side; distorted; crooked
depictto represent in a sculpture or picture; to describe or represent in words

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