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Vocabulary Unit 6

limberflexible, supple, pliable; to stretch
grosstotal; sheer, utter, flagrant; fat
induceto cause, bring on; to persuade
befuddleto confuse, bewilder, boggle, stupefy
blightto destroy, ruin
gorybloody, gruesome
partisana supporter, fan, booster: partial, biased
oraclea prophet, seer, sibyl
mazea network, labyrinth, puzzle, tangle
leewaylatitude, allowance, elbowroom
vacateto leave, depart; to give up, abandon
compliantmeek, docial, obedient
reimburseto repay, to pay back, refund
conserveto save, preserve, care for
amiablepleasant, good-natured
boisterousnoisy, loud, unruly
vagabonda wanderer, hobo
agendaa list, schedual
debuta first appearance, coming-out


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